The Final Countdown

So much has happened since the last update! The construction timeline is still on schedule, and the project is on track to have the facility opened toward the end of January 2019. It’s officially less than three months from opening! Progress continues from demolition to construction, and it is finally shifting towards the final phase. Installation of major equipment like HVAC, electrical paneling, coolers, and more is proceeding.

The new grain silo has arrived, and you can’t miss it, at over thirty feet tall! In fact, you can make out the silhouette below looking South from the 22nd floor of the downtown state capital building. The brewery floors have been purposed and sealed— a special floor that prevents puddles and allows for even drainage. Electric, gas, and water are all within days of turning on. The large distribution cooler for kegs is set up and is ready to turn on. It’s over three times the size of our current distro cooler providing us with over 18,000 cubic feet of cold storage! December is going to be a busy month for us as we start to break down tanks at our current brewery and move them over to 1320. The brewhouse and fermenters will start to move during that first week. If you’re in the area, you may see some shiny tanks moving down the road!

But what about the tasting room? All the walls are up throughout the building and are ready for paint. The bar wall has started to take shape adjacent to the gift shop where you can access the brewery for tours. The framework for the bar windows to see into the brewery are ready for glass to be inserted. Heading outside you're greeted by the large covered outdoor space. This enclosure will contain gas heaters for the winter and fans for the summer. From the covered space, you see the outline for the beer garden as the drainage is being installed to make way for the turf. Walking into the event space you see the bar that’s been framed. Behind the bar is a large piece of glass to see into the brewery operations. Next, the full audio/video will be installed that can be used for rentals. Immediately through the roll up door is the private beer garden, an amenity included with renting the space. Proper, the onsite kitchen, next to the event space and main beer garden, is starting to finalize and will soon be ready to receive equipment. The food menu is shaping up as well. There will be around ten main courses with additional sides and bar-food style snacks. It's taken a lot to get here, and there's still a long road ahead. We can't wait to open up the doors and welcome you to our new home. Be sure to check back during December to get updates on moving and more!