Food and beer belong together! That’s why we’re excited to announce that our new location at 1320 South Monroe will have both, in the same location! Introducing Proper, a whole new concept located in the onsite kitchen at 1320 South Monroe. Featuring elevated pub fare, Proper will offer unique menu items like K-Town Hot Chicken, Hazed + Confused Mushrooms, and Bratstickers. The menu will include suggested beer pairings with carefully selected Proof draft beers. We’re excited to introduce beer dinners to our event calendar in the coming year with menus crafted by the talented chefs at Proper.


Proper’s concept was created by Owner Brad Buckenheimer of Canopy Road Cafe and Merv’s and Executive Chef Viet Vu of Izzy's, Arepana, and Mobi Food Truck. "This project was purely based out of passion and love for Proof. Viet and I have been friends of the Proof family for a while, with Viet serving as their main Biergarten chef for the past couple of years. When the time came to move, Viet asked me to be a partner, and it was a no brainer. To be able to partner with such innovative and special people was an honor and a privilege, and we are so excited to bring something new to the community with our friends,” says Buckenheimer.


Proper will open at the grand opening of Proof Brewing’s new location on South Monroe. It will service Proof’s patrons and will be open on the weekdays for dinner plus lunch on the weekends with brunch on Sundays. Proper will also be available for catered private events and dinners in our new event space. The event space offers guests a stunning atmosphere to host engagement, holiday, retirement, and birthday parties as well as corporate meetings and events, with views into the Proof brewery and access to a private beer garden.

 Proof Brewing Co’s new location at 1320 South Monroe will open in late January to the public. We look forward to welcoming the community into the tasting room and giving tours of the new facility. Thank you, Tallahassee, for your support!

Be sure to follow and like Proper on social media! Facebook, and Instagram (@properbrewpub).

Expanding Opportunity


My name is Wetchley Pompilus, and this is my Proof Brewing Co story. I am a Key Holder and Bartender. I have been an employee at Proof Brewing Company for over two years. Before I started working at Proof, I was a student at Florida A&M University just trying to make it day-to-day with financial aid and whatever my mother was able to give me for food and necessities. I wanted to feel more independent and wanted to stop continually asking my mother for money because she was also taking care of my little brother. A friend told me that a company named Proof Brewing Co was looking for a 21+ year old person to work the door position.

At the time, my only work history was working at Papa John’s in my hometown of West Palm Beach during the summer, and I hoped it would be enough to get me a shot at an interview. A few days after giving them my resume I received a phone call from the general manager to come in for an interview! When I arrived at Proof for the interview, I met Michael Kofman (General Manager) and Kris Link (Assistant Manager). They knew what they were looking for in a person to work the door position and asked me if I knew anything about craft beer. I told them that I knew nothing about it but was determined to become knowledgeable. They saw how eager I was and encouraged me to learn about craft beer and the work that goes into it. A little under a week I received a call from Kofman telling me that I was hired and to come in as soon as I could to start my first training shift. I was excited and relieved that I finally had a job.

When I started at Proof, I had no intentions of being promoted. I was just happy to finally have a job! After a while, the General Manager realized how hard I was working and offered me a bar-back position. I accepted and started training to become a full-time bar-back. The bar-back position helped me learn all about the beers Proof Brewing Co brews and more about craft beer in general. When the General Manager told me that I was doing a great job as a bar-back and wanted me to start training for the bartender position, I agreed to it too. To advance to a bartending position, I was required to take the what's called a Cicerone Exam to become a certified beer server. Proof requires that bartenders pass the Cicerone Exam, so they know how to accurately describe beer when they serve it to a customer. I liked the idea and studied hard to pass the exam.

During my time working at Proof, I've made great friends with my coworkers, and they have welcomed me as part of the team since my very first day. Proof has taught me a lot about craft beer and its history, as well as Proof's journey in bringing craft beer to Tallahassee. While attending Florida A&M University, Proof was able to work with me in balancing my time at school and work. I was able to take what I learned at Proof and apply it to my classes too. Proof has taught me about hard work, leadership, teamwork, morality, and dedication. Through my experience at Proof, I have learned valuable lessons that will help me achieve my future goal of becoming a physical therapist, and for that, I am thankful Proof Brewing Co.

Proof will soon be moving to the next level with our new location at 1320 South Monroe, which used to be an old Coca-Cola bottling plant. Over the past several months, we’ve been busy renovating the new location. I believe that Proof’s move to South Monroe will give the area more life and will welcome all who love and enjoy craft beer.

I thank Proof for giving an opportunity to grow with the company as well as a person. It is rare that you find a job, with no intention on being promoted, and find yourself creating a bond with the company, the staff, as well as the people in our community who enjoy the product and what it has to offer. Thank you for reading my story, and I look forward to pouring you a beer soon.

The Mission

We have a simple mission at Proof Brewing Company. Create a business the community is proud of and believes in. This is achieved through producing world class beer, creating quality jobs that generate a stronger local economy, and lifetime customer experiences. We are approaching our third move and expansion, and continuing to reinvest in our community at 1320 South Monroe Street. This investment will result in creating an estimated 20 new jobs over the next two years, a few of which have already been filled. An investment we believe in!

For Proof, when it comes to brewing—growth equals greater quality. One of the highlights of our new facility is the addition of laboratory infrastructure. We are investing in lab equipment, technology, and efficiency for quality control and quality analysis. This will expand our brewing process to enhance consistency and stability through repeatability. We have acquired larger tanks to grow our fermentation capacity.  The largest tank will be 100 barrels, or 24,800 beers! The facility is uniquely designed for continued expansion and investment. As demand increases, we can add additional fermenters and acquire a larger brewhouse. We are committed to producing a higher quality product then we have ever achieved!

The beloved beer garden and tasting room, will continue at our new facility but with a larger, improved atmosphere. Each element has been hand designed by owners Byron and Angela Burroughs with careful thought and meticulous process. One addition to the main tasting room, will be a full-service bar providing cocktails in addition to beer. The outdoor beer garden will feature an all-weather covered patio area with seating and projection, including built in gas heaters and fans. The new facility will also feature an on-site restaurant called Proper. Food will be available during tasting room hours ranging from tasty small bites to delicious plates. Finally, Proof will also feature a beautiful event space for rentals with its own private bar and private beer garden.

We are so excited to announce our grand opening within the next couple weeks. We currently have a projected opening of late January. The team at Proof Brewing is devoted to our community and continuing to reinvest. The future is bright for Tallahassee and we can’t wait to share our dream with you in our new forever home.


The Final Countdown

So much has happened since the last update! The construction timeline is still on schedule, and the project is on track to have the facility opened toward the end of January 2019. It’s officially less than three months from opening! Progress continues from demolition to construction, and it is finally shifting towards the final phase. Installation of major equipment like HVAC, electrical paneling, coolers, and more is proceeding.

The new grain silo has arrived, and you can’t miss it, at over thirty feet tall! In fact, you can make out the silhouette below looking South from the 22nd floor of the downtown state capital building. The brewery floors have been purposed and sealed— a special floor that prevents puddles and allows for even drainage. Electric, gas, and water are all within days of turning on. The large distribution cooler for kegs is set up and is ready to turn on. It’s over three times the size of our current distro cooler providing us with over 18,000 cubic feet of cold storage! December is going to be a busy month for us as we start to break down tanks at our current brewery and move them over to 1320. The brewhouse and fermenters will start to move during that first week. If you’re in the area, you may see some shiny tanks moving down the road!

But what about the tasting room? All the walls are up throughout the building and are ready for paint. The bar wall has started to take shape adjacent to the gift shop where you can access the brewery for tours. The framework for the bar windows to see into the brewery are ready for glass to be inserted. Heading outside you're greeted by the large covered outdoor space. This enclosure will contain gas heaters for the winter and fans for the summer. From the covered space, you see the outline for the beer garden as the drainage is being installed to make way for the turf. Walking into the event space you see the bar that’s been framed. Behind the bar is a large piece of glass to see into the brewery operations. Next, the full audio/video will be installed that can be used for rentals. Immediately through the roll up door is the private beer garden, an amenity included with renting the space. Proper, the onsite kitchen, next to the event space and main beer garden, is starting to finalize and will soon be ready to receive equipment. The food menu is shaping up as well. There will be around ten main courses with additional sides and bar-food style snacks. It's taken a lot to get here, and there's still a long road ahead. We can't wait to open up the doors and welcome you to our new home. Be sure to check back during December to get updates on moving and more!

Project Progress

We are so excited to share an update on the construction of our new brewery at 1320 South Monroe. We still anticipate a January 2019 opening at the new facility. If you haven’t already, we encourage you to drive by the building and look at the progress that has been made. On any given day you may see dozens of trucks and hardworking construction personnel.

So, what's been happening, you ask? We have dug up and laid floor drains and plumbing for the brewery and tasting room.  Every surface, inside and out, is being painted, breathing new life into the 70-year-old building. Concrete trucks have poured the slabs for the brewer's office and lab, the event space, and kitchen, and the outside covered beer garden. The skeleton frame of the walls has started to take shape, which helps provide the perspectives of the layout and dimensions of the rooms. The HVAC system is being installed, from recessed anchors in the tasting room ceiling over 20 feet high. From within the walls, electrical conduit is starting to snake its way throughout the building. To think, in the not so distant future, once powered— these conduits will light the future of craft beer in Florida.

In the next couple of months, we'll be moving all of the brewery operations to the new facility. Thank you, Tallahassee, (and beyond!) for your continued support. Thank you for continuing to grab that six-pack on the way home after work, thank you for standing in line to get a limited release beer, and thank you for ordering a pint at your favorite local bar or restaurant. It all makes this project happen! Cheers to you!